Dr Andrea Polk

Deciding to seek assistance from a mental health professional isn’t easy. You might think, “I should be able to handle this myself” or “how can a stranger help?” Unaided, you may have tried numerous approaches to regain emotional equilibrium, get physical health back on track, overcome depression, anxiety, disorganization, “burnout”, or confront relationship conflicts. Maybe you’ve even thought of giving up on yourself.

During stressful times, choosing an experienced, trustworthy, skilled psychologist who is well matched to your issues and goals can be especially challenging.

This decision is too important to leave to insurance lists or websites “guaranteeing” an empathic experience. Our first session should demonstrate my fundamental understanding of your issues.  We will determine workable objectives and create a focused strategy for restoring functional balance as quickly as possible.

We all confront normal, developmental crises throughout our lives: depression, stress overload, grief, divorce, parenting, health concerns, work issues. Yet our “default” response is so often one of harsh self-criticism, which increases hopelessness and a sense of being overwhelmed. Using concrete tools, we will collaboratively identify goals and a strategic plan that will allow authentic change to occur.


  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
Chronic Illness and Pain
Qualified Medical Evaluator
Independent Medical Examiner
Disability Evaluations
Eating Disorder Therapy
Trauma Counseling / PTSD
General Addiction Therapy
Life Coaching
Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

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