Eating Disorder Therapy

IMG_1497Watching a friend or loved one struggle with an eating disorder can be extremely painful. As a culture, we have a conflicted, disturbed relationship to food.  We aren’t taught to make good choices, and the possibility of obtaining food that is wholesome and good for us is becoming increasingly limited. And if you’re suffering from an eating disorder yourself, you’re no doubt feeling the physical and emotional toll. But you don’t have struggle with your eating disorder alone. Dr. Polk offers eating disorder treatment to those in need in the Pacifica, Coastside area. She has performed bariatric surgery evaluations for fifteen years, and is familiar with the current approaches to weight management, obesity surgery, research concerning the physiological, psychological, and neurological implications of eating disorders, as well as the health risks inherent in obesity.

Take Control

Eating disorders are often about control, or a lack thereof. Often, people alter their eating habits to compensate for other problems or shortcomings in their lives. Food issues cover a wide range, from anorexia (restricting your food intake), bulimia, compulsive over-eating, binge eating, or body dysmorphic disorder, in which your perception of your weight and appearance is utterly unlike the objective reality.  Our culture promotes people, especially women, to have an adversarial, unloving relationship with their bodies and their appearances.  Some finally decide to undergo bariatric surgery.  Dr. Polk can help you work through your issues in a gentle, non-threatening environment. Our eating disorder treatment is designed to help you overcome what’s ailing you so that you can regain your physical and mental strength. Don’t suffer with an eating disorder when Dr. Polk may be able to help. Call today to set up an appointment and learn more about our eating disorder treatment.