IMG_4505Are you having trouble dealing with a particular issue or coping with a disturbing or traumatic event? Do you often walk around feeling sad, hopeless, or just plain out of sorts? Whether a specific problem is getting you down or you simply don’t feel like yourself, Dr. Polk is available to help people just like you.  As a local psychologist, Dr. Polk works with adult patients and couples to help them overcome their issues and lead happier lives.

Talking Through What Bothers You

A psychologist like Dr. Polk may help you better understand what’s bothering you and come up with concrete ways to move past your issues. Whether you’re looking for individual or couple’s therapy, Dr. Polk will work with you to help you improve your outlook and regain hope. And as a patient, you’ll benefit from Dr. Polk’s:

  • Collaborative, focused approach to therapy
  • Over 25 years of experience in providing brief and longer-term therapy in private practice, clinics, and hospitals
  • Commitment to working with people in recovery – eating disorders, prescription drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse
  • Formal training in stress reduction, relaxation techniques, and meditation
  • Development of an individual, collaborative stress management program addressing general health issues (sleep, nutrition, exercise), coping skills, guided imagery and meditation techniques, confronting self-defeating thoughts and beliefs, perfectionistic and self-critical ruminations, utilization of mood-tracking charts and other measures for self-awareness, assertiveness exercises, affirmations, relapse prevention strategies
  • Training and experience with chronic illness, chronic pain, disability issues
  • Emphasis on early identification of goals, agreement upon core issues and conflicts, outlining workable strategies and tools, establishing a feasible timeline with regular check-ins and monitoring of movement towards goal achievement.


Don’t suffer on your own when a psychologist like Dr. Polk may be able to help. Call today for more information, or to schedule a 15 minute free consultation.