2015-06-28 21.40.50Are you having trouble coping with your emotions? Are you or a loved one struggling with or displaying symptoms of a mental illness? You shouldn’t hesitate to seek out the help you need. As a local psychotherapist, Dr. Polk works with adult individuals and couples and has had experience treating almost every issue, “diagnosis”, and emotional condition encountered in a private practice, hospital, or clinic setting.  Her years of varied experience and training in multiple modalities  allow her to listen  deeply on many simultaneous levels.  By reflecting her understanding of what you have conveyed, you can establish how much “in synch”  Dr. Polk has been with your reasons for seeking  therapy.  If you feel assured that Dr. Polk is attuned to your authentic issues , you can then rapidly progress to determining  goals, the methods by which you will reach them, and identify tools and techniques most suited to observable change. You may resolve to undertake “homework” assignments to further your movement in the intervening days before your next meeting.

Ideally, you will leave your first session feeling understood, helped, more positive, hopeful, and confident that all will be wellWhat once seemed unreachable or insolvable becomes an obtainable outcome.

Helping You Lead a Happier Life

And as a patient, you’ll benefit from Dr. Polk’s:

  • Two convenient office locations and welcoming office environment
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Helpful, friendly, very experienced staff

Don’t suffer with a psychological problem when Dr. Polk may be able to help. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.