Depression Therapy

IMG_1501If you’re looking for Pacifica depression therapists who are dedicated to providing authentic, lasting changes for those struggling with mood problems, turn to the well-trained professionals at Coastside Therapy Associates. Depression is a major source of financial, health, and interpersonal suffering in today’s world:  it typically co-exists with some level of anxiety, leading to a sense of hopelessness, despair, even a wish to “give up” on life. Many of those living with chronic illness or pain have come to accept depression as an inevitable way of life. Some have come close to giving up on themselves. With the advantage of many years in individual, hospital, and clinic professional practice, helping literally thousands of clients cope with anxiety, loss, addiction, illness, and depression,  Dr. Polk is deeply committed to the process and power of therapy to help people effectively manage their symptoms and move forward permanently with their lives. Although she chiefly specializes in solution focused, brief therapy, Dr. Polk has witnessed inspiring numbers of patients find relief and emotional equilibrium, sometimes after years of struggling to overcome their distress without help. She will work with you until you are confident that you are back on track.  “It takes as long as it takes” and she has never given up on a patient.


Whether arising out of a specific life event, or recurring as a mood problem with periods of relative equilibrium in-between, depression is a biological condition – this means your sleep, appetite, libido, energy can be impacted, along with your sense of wellbeing, motivation, pleasure in life, and ability to function at work or at home.  At times, the thought of leading a normal life may feel completely beyond you. Some people continue to struggle numbly through their daily lives, while others are brought to the point of paralysis by depression.  Our goal is to get quickly to the nature and root of the issues at hand, determine goals and strategies so that the work of healing can begin. Although Dr. Polk has taught and practiced solution-focused brief therapy for years, she understands that whether brief or longer-term, therapy is a collaborative, active process, requiring strategies and tools specific to each individual.  Effective, responsible therapists must be flexible, and familiar with an array of approaches, techniques, theories, interventions, and treatment styles, as well as having a thorough grounding in possible cultural, biological, medical, or other factors involved. A therapist with a “one size fits all” approach is unlikely to genuinely address your specific concerns.

If you are confronting issues of depression or anxiety, it’s essential that you feel your therapist is skilled and experienced at treating these conditions.  In fact, you may want to interview several potential therapists before deciding who feels like the best fit.  We encourage you to call or email to begin the journey of entrusting your issues to an honest and dependable professional:   Dr. Polk strives to make the process of seeking help as convenient as possible, but also is convinced that you must feel you’ve made the right choice. With a quick response time and flexible hours throughout the week, it is easy to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Call us today to find out how we may be able to get you on the right track, either working with Dr. Polk or helped to find another therapist for a good matchup.

In seeking a good fit, the suggestion is to look for a therapist who seems warm, accepting, has a sense of humor, and will be able to challenge you also.  Does he or she seem arrogant, depressed, condescending?  Be cautious of a therapist who discourages you from seeking a second opinion or consultation, wants to place you into a labeled box with little information to go on, is not active and engaged, refuses to answer questions and seems invested in being a “blank wall’.  Therapy is an interactive, dynamic process between two individuals.  Your therapist may possess special skills to help make life better, but is not God.  If you feel that you could come to trust that there’s nothing you would not trust your therapist to work on with you, you have probably found a good fit.